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Welcome to Lead Hunter

Do you want to increase your revenues by working on your sales funnel?

Managing and sharing a central contact list while collecting interaction with your customers in a CRM system or spreadsheet... That's a good start! But without any strategies to measure these interactions, the performance cost and effort investments to get that first sale could be quite high. If you wish to optimized your sales talent... Lead Hunter is the solution!

Target and concentrate your sales talent over on the right prospects
Lead Hunter is not a CRM system. It's a prospecting assistant that will allow your marketing team and sales force to:

  • Manage and synchronize your contact list and market segment
  • Generate communication campaign through email broadcast that will allow to measure your contact interest
  • Evaluate your market potential and automate the sales funnel flow
  • Qualify your prospect based on your business criteria
  • Generate leads by setting up a strategic action plan with a qualification process that can be measured
  • Optimized your sales force effort to target the right lead at the right time.

The result... A mesurable increase in revenues.

Stay in contact until the right moment
A qualified prospect and potential lead based on your criteria might not be ready yet for a sale. Since it is important to maintain contact with him and to keep it warm for your business, Lead Hunter allows to keep you in his sight to be present, at the right moment, when they will be ready for their first sale.

Collect data on your market
Who are the prospect that might have an interest over your products or services? Lead Hunter allows to set a series of questions to be answered on the field and segment your prospect. This is ideal for the following activities:

  • Form to request or download a document
  • Subscription form for your corporate newsletter
  • Collect data over surveys
  • Online registration for a promotion and giveaway

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